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"Friedrich Jürgenson Special"

"When death and life are being realized in the light of truth,
love is awakening in our hearts which is timeless."

Friedrich Jürgenson [P27, 1/82]

On October 15th 1987, the founder of EVP research Friedrich Jürgenson died. Unfortunately, I have never met him personally, since I came across his book "Sprechfunk mit Verstorbenen" ("Voice Transmissions With The Deceased") only by chance on exactly that October of 1987.

Nevertheless, I consider the message Friedrich Jürgenson tried to impart to the people to be a very essential aspect of the entire voice phenomenon, which in fact is not just a physical curiosity or a nice pastime, but rather deeply implies the question for our own identity, from which after all a sense of responsibility and love towards ourselves and the whole Creation can arise.

But even if EVP is not regarded as a concrete evidence for the survival of the soul after the bodily death, it makes clear if viewed in a non-superficial way, that the human consciousness is part of a integral whole which goes far beyond the world view suggested by the mechanistic science.

This Friedrich Jürgenson Special will try to keep the spirit of Friedrich Jürgenson alive by letting Jürgenson himself and persons who knew him speak once again:

Some of the above mentioned articles have been taken from the VTF-Post, the newsletter of VTF (marked by issue number and quarter in square brackets).