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VTF and its tasks

The aim of VTF (founded in 1975) is to support the research of the Electronic Voice Phenomenon by enabling everyone being interested in this phenomenon to carry out experiments for the reception of such voices, by supplying them with information and advice. VTF endeavours to address all persons or institutions who may give assistance in scientific or technical aspects or in any other way. Furthermore, another important task is public relations work.

Moreover, it is the task of VTF to develop and test different recording methods and devices, the assignment of development, construction and research tasks as well as the evaluation of the achieved results according to scientific requirements.

The research of the Electronic Voice Phenomenon is not an end in itself. It rather seeks to open up new vistas to ideological, philosophical and psychological research by giving evidence for the survival of the bodily death in order to serve general public.

For fulfilling these duties the association aims to promote the exchange of thoughts, ideas and experiences among the members and all those persons, who are able to supply suggestions and assistance to the research.

Since the results of this research work are of major importance for every human being, the association is endeavored to keep the public informed in this matter.

The association founds and maintains a central archive in which publications and recordings relevant to its research field are kept and made available to its members.

Each member of the association is entitled to have his/her EVP recordings examined by experienced colleagues. Very clear and interesting voice examples are awarded with an approval stamp. They should be the basic collection for a planned, comprehensive documentation.

The VTF conventions with reports and speeches are held twice a year with internal and external speakers and should promote the exchange of information and experiences among the members and give new ideas and incentives.

VTF informs its members about everything new in this field by the quarterly issued newsletter "VTF-Post", which can also be subscribed by non-members.

The annual membership fee amounts to EUR 35.00. It is deliberately held low and is only used to cover the expenses. This membership fee includes the subscription of the newsletter "VTF-Post". The annual subscription fee for non-members (= "subscribers") amounts to EUR 35.00 as well.