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The VTF executive committee and its tasks

Name Funktion / Aufgaben Kontaktdaten
Christian Hilpert 1st chairman, Housekeeping, organization and direction of the conventions, public relations, shipping of the VTF-Post Tel. +49 / 05309 / 9405779
Jürgen Nennstiel 2nd chairman, Secretary, experimental transcommunication research Tel. +49 / 02307 / 42151
Ramona Zwanziger Cashier, bookkeeping Tel. +49 / 05603 / 3684
Carola Zimmermann Support for bereaved people, spiritual counselling Tel. +49 / 05661 / 928715
Stefan Bion
Webmaster, editor and layout of the VTF-Post, member services, technical advice E-mail
Jutta Liebmann Contacts abroad, translations E-mail