Paraphysics and EVP
a mind over matter investigation 1984 - 2001.              (Update September 2004)

A computer aided search for a possible documentation of the physical reality (with deliberate resign of any interpretation) behind the claimed "Electronic Voice Phenomenon" gave some very surprising results and made possible the development of a new computer based registration method. A method, which furthermore permits the saving of each step on the harddisk for a later investigation and documentation. 

Part one contains a necessary historical background - the discovery of a phenomenon, the very beginning, the pioneers with their primitive techniques, the first books, the 1971 investigations in England and all the events that followed. A look back on some occurrences in the last half of the past century - seen with the eyes of today. 

Part two deals with my own work - some new analogue and digital (computer) techniques, the question of documentation and some personal comments. 


Grateful acknowledgment  is made to Colin Smythe Limited, Gerrard Cross, Buskinghamshire, for the permission to use material from:      Konstantin Raudive: Breakthrough 1971                Peter Bander: Carry on talking 1972



Only after a protracted laboratory work concerning the search for a possible physical reality behind the claimed "Electronic Voice Phenomenon" (EVP), did I fully realize that it was a chiefly a paraphysical and not a parapsychological investigation I had become engaged in.

It is very easy to find a lot of websides concerning the Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Nearly all are written from a more or less spiritualistic-esoteric point of view and all using technical methods known in some form already from the very beginning of the sixties. I do not share the mentioned viewpoints, neither do I find an eternal repeating of obsolete methods worth the trouble. Why?
The spiritualistic interpretation is a question of belief and (at least in my opinion) a very hasty and unfortunate premature interpretation, far from any real documentation. And the old techniques all fail as regards the most obvious point: A scientific acceptable documentation of the real existence of the phenomenon. Through several years I have done a lot of experimental work in this direction - with both analogue and digital apparatus. Among others this work resulted in the development of some totally new computer based methods. Methods which make possible a step by step saving and control of the whole recording process. The main part of this homepage's Part Two is devoted to these investigations.

But before you start reading about some purely technical subjects, maybe it could be a good idea to have a look at the very beginning and later development of this strange phenomenon, all the wheres, whos, hows, whys and last but not least why nots. I do not know all the answers, and perhaps you already know some of them. But please give also Part One of this homepage (even if it is of some length) a chance.
I am sure you may find something of interest - or at least something you can disagree with. If so, then please remember: This homepage expresses a personal view.