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Experience report

by Immanuel Berthold de Vries

In '70/'80 for the first time I heard something about paranormal voices on tape and I bought me a book to inform myself about those voices. The book seems very honest but I still had my doubts.... After a few weeks I decided to do a research by my own.

On an evening I search on the radio for a white noise (like I read in the book), turned on my cassettedeck with my microfoon open... I asked something.... After a quarter of hour I stopped the cassette and listened... Nothing else than the white noise of the radio. Again I listened and again and than... I heard soft quickly voices and I turned my tapedeck slower... (Dutch) "Brand er iets niet?" (English: Is there something burning?) "Jaaaa..." Two different womenvoices! This was impossible... How could they know what happened in the kitchen? While the tape played I smelled smoke and saw that in the container in the kitchen my cigaret still burning (then I was still smoking). I threw water over it. That night I couldn't sleep and turned on and on in my bed. I thought and thought and then I kwew it... Nothing happened... I have heard things who wheren't there! Pure my ownfantasy. Satisfied I deceided to go to sleep and again I turned myself on... A cold breeth against my skin and a loud womanvoice next to my ear : "TRUTH!". At once I sat right on in my bed, saw nothing else than my dark bedroom...

It stills during a few months till I go on with my 'voice-research' and I was complete surprised. Such a success! So many 'dead' voices came on my tape. Voices from famous and not famous persons. There was Godness Freya (I suppose it was a name who was chosen). In the begin of the contact Freya was the leader and helps to bring it up. I heard voices of little childeren, my family, friends and other people. They all no longer live here on earth! So much words, warnings and sometimes a little joke....

They told me, they have no voice, their 'thoughts' speak. They talk about waves, call theirselfs the dead and friends.... The contacts goes with the radio-microfon method, only with the microfon or only with a radiowave or turning constantly the radio. Also the voices cried: "Help us Immy..!"(Immy is the name used by family and friends.)

Senses are rarely correct (grammatical). The dead uses two or three (or even more) different languages (Dutch, German, English, Italian) in one sense. But there voices, the senses they speak are always the same en what they say is (most of the time) good to understand! Some questions which I put on and their answers and comments too I have notice here for you. It's only a little part of that what I have collect.

Voices who speaks by radio and microfon:

Only my words I have written in BOLD, so it is better to understand. I give first their original answer and then in English.

Is het beter als er minder licht is? (Is it better when there is fall of the light)
"... leben in trauer, ... leben in die wolken Immy,
Umgebung im Leben is todeschwer"
"...Live in sadness,... live in the clouds Immy. Vicinity in life is deadheavy)

"Wat is dat mooi, sociaal verkeer mit Toden" (What is that nice, social contact with the dead)
"Ik bin dood Immy" (I'm dead Immy)

"Eine der Toten, Morini" (One of the dead, Morine)

Als je sterft, zijn daar dan helpers bij van jullie kant? (When we are dieing are there any helpers at your side?)
"We helpen alle gesterbene... wir machen...?" We help every dead... we do...?)
"Wir helpen vreemde, das ze weiter kommen im Tode..." (We help every stranger, so they come further in the death...)

"Ich bin nicht tot, ich bin gestorbene. Richtig!" (I'm not dead, I was dieing. Right!)

Ik zal weer een andere golf op moeten zoeken. (Again I have to search an other wave)
"Een andres, maar we spreken goed" (An other, but we are speaking well)
"Platina Stimme" (Platina voices)

(Ik vroeg mezelf hardop af tijdens een opname, of deze stemmen inderdaad afkomstig zijn van de doden) (I asked myself if what I heard are realy the dead)
"Immy is 'n maffe denker. Wij zijn die Tohote" (Immy is a crazy thinker. We are the dead)

"Immy worden vrouw omgekeerd" (Immy were a woman turned on) (een toespeling op mijn 'transseksualiteit’) (A 'joke' about my 'transseksuality')

De golf stoort vreselijk. (The wave is terrible)
"Hoor je me niet? Met jou niet hoor. Contacten met jou" (Don't you hear me? Not with you. Contacts with you)

Kun jij je naam noemen Kerwin? (Can you call your name Kerwin?)
"Ja, hier is de vermoorte Kerwin, ja" (Yes, here is the murdered Kerwin)
(Kerwin was a fifteen year young (black) boy who was murdered in Amsterdam, many years ago)

"De Toden sind bij jou" (The dead are with you)

Hallo vrienden! (Hello friends!)
"Hier wirkt de foon jetzt. Wir horen jetzt gut" (The phone here works. We hear good now)
"Hoor, je sprecht mooi" (Listen, you are speaking nice)
"Ja, we leben hier" (Yes, we live here)

Dit is toch een zwevende golf? (This is a floating wave)
"Gulf... golf praat toch?" (Wave... wave still speak?)

Heerst er bij jullie ook eenzaamheid? (Is there lonelyness with you?)
"Es ist einsam, eenzaam ja!" (It is lonely, lonely, yes!)

Willen jullie contact bieden? (Will you offering contact?)
"Ja... Immy gute aura" (Yes.... Immy good aura)

Zijn het de doden die op de band praten? (Are it the dead who speaks on the tape)
"De dood is onzin. Tote vrienden." (The death is unsinn. Dead friends)

Hoe kunnen jullie praten? (How can you speak?)
"Praten met de spirit" (Speak with the spirit)

Wanneer ik hun bedank voor het contact. (When I thanks for the contact)
"Willen explane" (Want explane)
"Je... je verdient dit" (You... you deserve this)

Kunnen jullie alle golven gebruiken? (Can you use every wave?)
"Wij zijn golven!" (We are the waves!)
"Hier ben ik..., die golf" (Here I am, the wave)

Is het erg om dood te zijn? (Is it bad to be dead?)
"Dood is Leben!" (Dead is life!)

"Ik ben echt een lichaam" (I am realy a body)

"Eine nicht tot, nee. Nein, nur im Leben wir Toden zijn, idioot" (One not dead, no. Only in life we are the dead, stupid)

Johan? (Johan?)
"Liebe Immy, Johan spricht, sehr bequem, pas geboren hier" (Dear Immy, Johan speaks, very easy, hardly born here

"Ich, ich gestorben, ja" (I, I died, yes)

"Bin Raudive, Immy kan mij horen" (Am Raudive, Immy can hear me)

"Contact mooi he, voor allebei" (Contact, nice he, for both)

"Immy is een steekproever" (Immy is a spot checker)

Hoe noemen jullie de wereld waarin jullie leven? (How do you call the world where you live?)
"Himmel" (Heaven)
"Gene seite" (beyond side)

A contact is possible!

Explaining were the voices came from are very different: from your own mind, extraterrestial and many different other answers... Also the voices were completely denied. It's the wish of the researcher to hear such voices etc... I have my own theorie about the origin of the voices. Maybe not all of them (I stay carefully), there are a lot voices, who came from them who call theirselfs as 'the dead' but also 'our friends' too.

You can recognize the voices:

  1. Different languages together in one understanding sense.
  2. Got an other answer on a question you expect.
  3. Calling the name of the researcher.
  4. Sometimes the strange (quick or slow) rhytme or echosound.
  5. The short click, you can sometimes hear before an answer is giving. Like the sound of a switch that turns on. It has to do with energie.
  6. Call their own name.
  7. Recognize a voice on the tape by more people.
  8. A contents of a sense which is only the ded person knows and who can be research.

After a few years of researching I'll be sure that there is a contact possible. This research I did between '83 and '87. It is not an amusant playing but a serious question. There must be a good reason to do such a research.

When you want to research this voices by your own, do this only with positive feelings, without any expecting. Don't forget, there will be only a contact when THEY wish too. You need a lot of patient. Ofcourse I have bring up my tapes carefully! When you think I can help you with advice or you have a same experience, email me about it!

Immanuel Berthold de Vries, Capelle a/d Ijssel (Niederlande), Web: http://www.xs4all.nl/~immanuel

(Quelle: http://www.euronet.nl/users/immanuel/spiritual.html)